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“Only Inhabitants” (working title)

A chance reading of an online news story in April 2016 shook me to the core. It was the report of how the previous weekend, in a remote indigenous community in Canada, 11 young people had tried to commit suicide. This followed 26 attempts the previous month, and a total of over 100 since September. What was happening? Who were these people? What had led to such desperation among a young generation?

We avisited Canada just after Easter 2017 meeting members of indigenous communities and began some initial filming. It was an incredibly intense and moving experience.

“Only Inhabitants” will be our most ambitious documentary film project yet.

We attended Sheffield DocFest in June 2017 and made some industry contacts and look forward to seeing how they develop.


Back to the Netherlands

Being half Dutch, we try to get back to Netherlands on a regular basis – Amsterdam is a fascinating city full of variety from bustling tourist hot spots to tranquil back streets and canals, and amazing modern architecture.

we have just come back from an extended trip to also explore the city of Rotterdam – taking the opportunity to “road test” our new Nikon D750 camera and prime lens. The capability of the camera to cope with “shooting from the hip” street photography and night imagery was truly impressive – we are editing our images and will put up a portfolio as soon as we can.

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This is where we started!

It seems a long time ago now but this was where we first started our film career, in 2000 – working with a UK based charity we managed to obtain some funding to take a small crew of 6 young people out to Northern Israel to work with young Israeli Arab Palestinians pupils in an inter faith school – the young people had recently lost a classmate who had been shot dead by the Israeli security forces and we spent time with them, learning about their hopes and dreams. Our 26 minute documentary film was supported by a number of British Members of Parliament, and was used extensively by the sponsoring charity as an educational film, as well as being shown regularly on satellite/cable community channels in the UK.

Filmed originally on a Canon XL2 Digital Video camera in 4:3 aspect ratio. The soundtrack was produced by one of our team members.

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