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I make films, take photographs and help you in your production needs


I'm a documentary film maker and am particularly interested in stories of injustice, inequality and discrimination. I can offer solo run-and-gun work as well as bringing in other crew members if required. I offer a complete in-house production service or can arrange for other specialist services if required. Although I am based in Derbyshire, UK I'm experienced in working world wide.


I specialise in street photography and travel images as well as documentary work, and have taken images across the world. I use a range of camera equipment from vintage 120 film, through to 35mm film and also full frame digital. I work within local customs and cultures, being sensitive to vulnerable peoples and situations.

Production Support

I can act as your local "Fixer" helping you with location scouting and management, shoot logistics and provide you with that local and hands-on specialist advice. I'm also a qualified Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years experience dealing with property and property owners. I'm based in Derbyshire but also have experience and local contacts on The South Coast and The New Forest, as well as in the Netherlands, Canada and Israel/Palestine.

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“Only Inhabitants” (working title)

A chance reading of an online news story in April 2016 shook me to the core. It was the report of how the previous weekend, in a remote indigenous community in Canada, 11 young people had tried to commit suicide. This followed 26 attempts the previous month, and a total of over 100 since September. […]

Back to the Netherlands

Being half Dutch, we try to get back to Netherlands on a regular basis – Amsterdam is a fascinating city full of variety from bustling tourist hot spots to tranquil back streets and canals, and amazing modern architecture. we have just come back from an extended trip to also explore the city of Rotterdam – […]

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This is where we started!

It seems a long time ago now but this was where we first started our film career, in 2000 – working with a UK based charity we managed to obtain some funding to take a small crew of 6 young people out to Northern Israel to work with young Israeli Arab Palestinians pupils in an […]

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Take on these projects that I am interested in


I have worked within a variety of cultures and sensitive situations


Above all else, I want to enjoy working with you!

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